Training the German and English language and area studies

Who can apply?

French students after the first year of the Licence

What can be funded?

Tutorised university accompanying courses in linguistics, grammar, computer science, marketing, law, etc. (5 months) at Bochum und Göttingen

Duration of the funding

1 September until 31 January


• Payment of 325 euros a month;
• additional costs for the framework programme.


The selection will take place in the DAAD branch office Paris.

Further information

Catherine Eudine
DAAD branch office Paris
Office Allemand d'Echanges Universitaires
Maison de la Recherche – Université Paris-Sorbonne
28, rue Serpente
75006 Paris
Tel.: (+33 1)/53 10 58 73
E-Mail: eudine@daad.de
WWW: http://paris.daad.de

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