The scientific mid-term conference of the Franco-German MOPGA Program will be held in a hybrid format from November 23rd to 24th 2021 in Strasbourg. This event is designed to provide a platform for scientific and interdisciplinary exchange in the research fields of global change, but the aim of the conference goes far beyond that.

UPDATE : The event starts on 23.11. at 9:00 a.m. CET. Participation is possible via YouTube:

The diversity of over 50 MOPGA projects that will be represented illustrates clearly the multi-dimensional and complex problems the global community faces in order to tackle real-world problems with involving multiple stakeholders. Under the slogan “Assessing, Understanding, Mitigating Global Change” the conference will span the full spectrum of disciplines: from understanding Earth’s climate history in deep time to current, and predicting future atmospheric processes; response of biodiversity and ecosystems, including coupled human-natural systems; and solutions ranging from cutting-edge technology development to polictical and social adaptation strategies.

The program covers the full gamut. It will be comprehensible to all members of the MOPGA audience and to a larger scientific community, and most importantly, to the public. This crosstalk is critical to address global change, and we look forward to welcoming you at the conference.

For further information on the program click here.